Major Project Facilitation Programme Assessment

The decision on Programme service provision is made by the Minister. The Department's role is to assess applications and make a recommendation to the Minister. The Department aims to complete the assessment and make a recommendation to the Minister within 30 days of receiving all relevant supporting documentation and responses to consultations from relevant areas within government.

During the application assessment process, the Department is likely to:

    • Contact State or Territory Government counterparts to verify and corroborate proponent intentions and clarify support and assistance for a project;

    • Contact relevant local government/community associations/organisations where the project is proposed;

    • Contact relevant line areas within the Department and other Australian Government departments and agencies to confirm claims and details of any assistance being provided;

    • Confirm Heads Of Agreements and any other commercial agreements such as offtake and supply agreements relating to a project; and

    • Use publicly available sources of information, including information from the Australian Stock Exchange, The Australian Securities and Investment Commission and other sources as required to verify any aspect of the project and to obtain additional information.

Project proponents are reminded that the award of Programme services does not infer Australian Government endorsement or across the board approval, and does not absolve the project from meeting the standard requirements of relevant approval processes.

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