Service Levels Explained

If you are unsure of your regulatory obligations or would like confirmation on what you understand them to be, the Agency can assist. Our service levels are tailored to suit your major project’s stage of development and requirements for regulatory approvals information.

Level 1 · Estimated Obligations

This service will provide you with a high level assessment of your likely regulatory approval obligations in the form of a flow chart and accompanying documentation. This estimate generally satisfies the requirements of projects at the pre-feasibility stage, or where there are specific questions about an area of regulation. An estimate can be provided in a short period of time and requires you to provide only basic information about your organisation and the proposed project.

Level 2 · Mapped Obligations

The Agency can work with your project team to prepare a detailed map of all your regulatory approval obligations. This may include requirements across all three levels of government in Australia, depending on the nature of your project, and is designed to support detailed project planning. To ensure mapping is comprehensive you will need to provide the Agency with detailed information on your project and its development requirements.

Level 3 · Agreed Obligations

This service builds on the detailed mapping completed at level 2 for projects that have agreed their project details and are generally preparing for a final decision on investment. This typically involves the Agency facilitating engagement with regulators to obtain agreement on the most effective and efficient approvals pathway to be taken. This includes exploring any opportunity to streamline information requirements. At completion proponents have agreement on the approval process requirements for their project and certainty for investors. The Agency would then continue to work closely with proponents that proceed with development as they continue along their approvals pathway.

General Advice

Outside these Service Levels, the Agency is happy to provide general regulatory advice to proponents as well as any other interested parties on an ad hoc basis. If the Agency isn’t able to initially answer your queries it will obtain an answer from the relevant Commonwealth, state or local government agency.

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